FileCalendar App

The FileCalendar App was developed especially for the iPhone and iPad so that users can always save all important information for important appointments, birthdays or meetings in one app. For this purpose, documents are linked to the calendar. These can be own notes, explanatory photos or attached Office files. Contacts from the phone app can also be added to the appointment.

This is how it's done: Simply tap on the desired folder in the appointment and then on the '+' symbol to add files.
Further functions of the app are an integrated camera, a powerful search function and a week overview with all files. The weekly overview also creates a weekly calendar as a PNG file.

Device-related storage

The app stores all files exclusively device related.

Since 2015

The FileCalendar has been available in the App Store since 2015. Over time, the app has evolved from a special tool for iOS, which merges files and appointments, to a calendar app.

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