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The FileCalendar App is a unique combination of calendar and file manager that lets you store documents, pictures, notes, links and contacts easily and conveniently to your events. Users only need a reminder for the event, so that their documents are immediately at hand.


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Are you looking for a new calendar? Create events and save as many files as you want to the calendar. The free Lite version is a full-featured calendar that can store a limited number of files.

Frequently asked questions and answers

FileCalendar is developed by Homburg and Schmidt UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Thanks to this application, users in more than 40 countries can store files on their mobile iOS devices at any event. The calendar has been available on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad since 2015.

The app is available in the App Store as a paid and as a free lite version. It offers various functions and application possibilities. These make the management of files on mobile devices clear and easy. According to the FileCalendar principle the user decides whether his files leave the device or not. All files are always stored locally on the respective device by the app. This applies to pictures and videos taken with the integrated camera, too.

Prepare meetings!

Use the FileCalendar to prepare for important meetings. Save files to your agenda. Create notes. Add meeting participants or contacts from the phone app.

Field service

As a field worker you can use FileCalendar to store important files and contact information for your appointments.


Let your office staff compile time-related information such as offers, price and negotiation margins in a zip file for you. The zip file can be sent by an e-mail or stored in a company cloud. Just a few clicks and the file is unpacked whenever you wish.

Good for experts

With the integrated camera you can take photos or make small movies during the inspection of a damage. The shots are saved in the appointment.

Move, transfer or forward files

All files can be moved effortlessly from appointment to appointment. They can be transferred to cloud apps (including iCloud Drive) or forwarded via mail. Click on >Edit< in the integrated file manager or on the desired appointment and select the files. Then click on the file sharing icon to start the transfer process.

Make files stored in FileCalendar available for your Mac or PC

Dateien vom FileCalendar auf den Mac √ľbertragen

Files stored in the FileCalendar can be selected individually in the file manager and packed in a zip file over the file sharing function. If the user decides transfer the zip file to the iCloud Drive or Dropbox, the files are immediately available on his Mac or PC.


Unique Calendar Functions

FileCalendar for iPhone and iPad is equipped with all the important functions needed to manage files in the calendar. No other iOS calendar offers such a wide range of functions.

Developed for iOS

The app was specially developed for the iPhone and iPad and is intuitive to use.

Available on the App Store

The FileCalendar has been available in the App Store since 2015 and is constantly being improved.

Kalender App

The FileCalendar is a calendar where your files can be saved in no time at all.

Week view as file

The weekly view is also available as a file! Share it with friends or colleagues.

Synchronization appointment

Your events are events with the standard calendar and are always available.

Show events

The display of events can be controlled over showing and hiding of individual calendars.

Save files locally

The app stores files locally on the device. This allowes you to be in control of your files.

File sharing

Files stored on the device can be transferred or shared using file sharing.

Move files

Files can be moved in the app or shared with file sharing.

That's how it's done

Click Edit, mark the file and select the file sharing icon.

Packing files

Summarize project files. Pack them in a common zip folder.

Zip folder transferable

Zip folders can be forwarded with file sharing or transferred to cloud apps.

Use Cloud Services

Transfer Single files to the iCloud Drive or import them from the cloud to the FileCalender.

Cloud storage apps

All cloud storage apps (including Dropbox and OneDrive) can be used.

Search function

Find your files. Browse all file names, events, notes and contacts.

Add contacts

Save contacts to calendar. So, you can find events or files added to the contact.

Rename files

Rename files, photos and movies. Add keywords to find them faster.

That's how it's done

Click Edit, mark the file and select the text editing icon.

Create backups

Make backup copies. Use the backup function in the file manager.

project backup

Create backups for project calendars. Switch individual calendars on or off in Calendars.

Integrated camera

Create photos and videos for your events with the integrated camera.

Save recordings locally

The camera stores all images locally on the unit. All images are transferable.

Transfer Mail Attachments

Cease Chaos! Create order on your device! Transfer mail attachments to calendar.

Transfer Mails

Mails can be transferred to the calendar as a PDF file with >Print<.


Drag & Drop

Move your files with drag & drop on the iPad

Individual files

Drag and Drop works with single files and also with zip files.


Dark Mode

The app is equipped with a light and dark mode.

Thats's how it's done

Click Settings on your device. Active Automatic in Display & Brightness.

In-App Purchase


Scan your paperwork directly at the desired event.

Thats's how it's done

In the event, tap on the camera and select the scanner.

In-App Purchase

Additional functions

Exchange files easier and faster across devices.

In-App Purchase

Additional functions

Recover deleted files within 30 days. In the file manager tap on the life buoy.

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